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Re: [SLUG] Can SAMBA 3.0.24 be a BDC for a Windows 2003 domain controller?

On 26/06/07, DaZZa <dagibbs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You need to get your terminology straight first.

I suspected so :). Windows networking is so foreign to me.

There's no such thing as a "PDC" or "BDC" in an Active Directory
environment - especially a 2003 AD environment.

There are PDC and BDC _emulator_ roles, which are only necessary if
you're in a mixed-mode network - I.E. you have both AD
(Win2000/2003,XP) and non-AD (NT 4) servers in your network.

However, this quote from chapter 4 of the SAMBA-3-HOWTO would indicate
you're out of luck

Thanks very much both to you and Dave for the quick replies. Shame I
can't convert another machine to Linux but at least since we invested
in a proper hardware RAID controller we might be able to get away with
the existing Windows 2003 on that server.