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Re: [SLUG] Re: Graphics Card/Laptop

On 14/06/07, bill <billb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Amos

I recently purchased an LG widescreen monitor which runs fine with
Kubuntu ( Debian) 6.06 and the nv driver at 1680x1050

My Benq laptop widescreen also runs fine with LinuxMint ( Ubuntu/debian)

My other 2 pc's, one with an onboard SIS vid chip and the other with an
ATI card won't run widescreen, only 1024x768.

I'd suggest sticking with the NVidea onboard video, unless you are able
to test the laptop first with a LiveCD ( as I did with my BenQ).

I'm pretty sure the nVidia card isn't an on-board one since it's a
PCI-express, but I might be wrong (the computer I'm buying isn't a laptop,
it's a Dell Dimension E520).

Anyway, based on your input, googling around forums, and another input in
private e-mail I got the impression that I better stick with nVidia even
though the Radeon have stronger specs and I could change to it for free.

Thanks very much for your help,