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[SLUG] Re: Graphics Card/Laptop

Hi Amos

I recently purchased an LG widescreen monitor which runs fine with Kubuntu ( Debian) 6.06 and the nv driver at 1680x1050

My Benq laptop widescreen also runs fine with LinuxMint ( Ubuntu/debian)

My other 2 pc's, one with an onboard SIS vid chip and the other with an ATI card won't run widescreen, only 1024x768.

I'd suggest sticking with the NVidea onboard video, unless you are able to test the laptop first with a LiveCD ( as I did with my BenQ).

Anybody had experiences to the contrary? if so I'd be interested to know how to get the ATI and SIS vid output as WideScreen.


In similar topic - I'm looking at buying a Dell E520 with their
end-of-financial-year special and wondering whether it's worth the 38$ to
upgrade from Nvidia GeForce 7300LE TurboCache to ATI Radeom X1300 Pro. I'm
mostly concerned about Linux (Debian) compatibility. Is any open-source
driver for any of these can take full advantage of the 3D support or will I
have to use the proprietary drivers?

I expect to do mostly programming/browsing and maybe some movie watching,
maybe try to play with 3D GUI but not much more.