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Re: [SLUG] ssh questions

On 05/06/07, Phil Scarratt <fil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Voytek Eymont wrote:
> my logs are littered with the usual failed login crap;
> is moving ssh to a different port 'good idea' ?
> preferabley some port that will still allow me access from various
> what port ? port range ?

yes, if only to save the crap in the logs. Any port above say 40000

I use non-standard ports under 1024 for both my ssh and apache service just
for that reason - haven't seen evidence of a single port scan on their logs
since I changed the ports few years ago, and I managed to connect to the
non-standard ports from anywere I tried.

Another option that you might want to consider to keep your mind at rest is
to forbid password-enabled log ins - instead you can force private/public
key for authentication.

(The web site isn't published anywere on the public internet, only via
private e-mails to people I more-or-less trust, otherwise it would make less
sense to move it).