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Re: [SLUG] ssh questions

Voytek Eymont wrote:
On Tue, June 5, 2007 11:57 am, Phil Scarratt wrote:
Voytek Eymont wrote:

my logs are littered with the usual failed login crap;

yes, if only to save the crap in the logs. Any port above say 40000 should
do I would think, but you may have other restrictions depending on the
firewalls from behind which you need access - if they restrict outgoing
port numbers then you are unlikely to be able to use that range.

thanks, Fil

yes, that's a better idea than buying latger HD (for the logs)

what about a low port, I saw a suggestion like port 14 ?

what command to see used ports ?

The /etc/services file lists common ports that are assigned. You really need to checkout IANA (iana.org) for the official list though.