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Re: [SLUG] ADSL ISP hosts

On 6/4/07, Nicholas Tomlin <neast@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can anyone recommend a really good Linux hosted ISP for ADSL [2 is not
available] at a reasonable cost.

I think the term "Linux hosted ISP" is somewhat of a misnomer these days.

With almost nobody offering shell access of any kind, and the xDSL
hardware mostly resold from Telstra (unless you happen to be on an
exchange which has a third-party ADSL2+ DSLAM installed), what does it
matter what the backend machines run on?

FWIW, iiNet runs Apache on its webservers - I strongly suspect they're
mostly Linux boxes, since making Apache behave well on a 'Doze machine
is problematical at best - but does it really matter?

At the moment I am on dial up with up to 100 calls per month and a data
xfer rate of 350mb down at max, that would change as speed becomes
available [drivers, software, etc]

Depending how you define "reasonable cost", you can get a decent DSL
plan with a much bigger download allowance for not a whole lot of
money - hell, even the dreaded Telstra offers a 400 meg plan for
something like $20 - but I wouldn't even think about recommending

Head to http://bc.whirlpool.net.au , plug in your phone number and
search for plans that suit you. There are literally hundreds of them.
It also pays to surf the forums a bit to see if there is a lot of bad
blood for a given ISP - Internode, for example, has just had a run of
bad press because it's put in place price increases - in some cases
massive increases - contrary to its previously stated policies and

Most ISP's offer mirrors or peering to mirrors whereby you can get
Linux ISO's or repositories for low or no cost (in download allowance
terms). DO a little research, and you will find the backend doesn't
really matter.

Personally, I would recommend avoiding Telstra and Optus like the
plague, but that's my opinion only, and you are by no means bound to
listen to it!