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Re: [SLUG] Blogging system recommendations

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Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> Hi folks.
> I'm building a simple web site for a mate of mine who's made a film 
> that's just hitting the festival circuit.  I want it to be pretty basic, 
> with just a few pages and a blog that he can update.
> I use blosxom because it's bloody simple, but it required me to write in 
> HTML.  I'll need to get something that he can write in himself, and 
> include links and images probably.
> So does anyone have any recommendations?
> Requirements
> * Ability for non-technical user to enter stuff
> * Can switch between plain text and HTML for markup
> * Can include links and images in posts
> * Easily integrated in another design without using frames
> Desirable
> * Has a .deb or is uber-simple to install and maintain
> * Not written in PHP
> * Not written in $trendy_language_of_the_week
> * Doesn't need a database
> * If it needs a database, can work with sqlite
> * Comments with some form of comment spam control
> * Has a critical announcements email list/RSS feed for when security 
>   holes are found.   I'm looking at you phpBB (though they now have an 
>   RSS feed).

It doesn't fit all your requirement, but I found Project Steve
Guttenberg good for installations where you don't want databases:


It's written in php though. It easy to install and configure. I used it
for my first blog back in 2002 and it was being developed before that,
so its pretty stable.

Also it doesn't have 'php' in its name ;-)

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