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Re: [SLUG] Blogging system recommendations

Quoting Adam Kennedy <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Both Perl and Python have various things to discourage bad programming
by default.

The biggest example is probably SQL placeholders, which pretty much
remove any chance of SQL injections attack in one fell swoop.

I know for DBI it's very difficult to do any non-trivial work without
using them.

PHP has PDO (which I'm talking about at May's Sydney PHP users group meeting).

Wasn't going to reply at all (risking a flamewar) but the "PERL" pushed
me over the edge :)

I wasn't actually attacking PERL or Python (many years ago I was a PERL programmer). I was trying to point out that the obsession with calling applications "phpFoozle" instead of "Foozle" coupled with a large base of novice programmers means you see lots security alerts with PHP in the title that aren't problems with PHP.


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