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[SLUG] Re: Buggy firefox problem

Great news, I completely solved this problem. I was looking around at
informaiton about Xorg and fonts, and saw that apparently GTK apps
seem to always expect 96 DPI. Upon checking, the nvidia driver decided
that I was going to run at 101 DPI at my native resolution. Easy, I
just switched to 96 DPI by adding these lines to the Device section of

  Option   "UseEdidDpi"   "FALSE"
  Option   "DPI"   "96 x 96"

The first line there is to stop the nvidia driver from honouring the
DPI the monitor suggests. Suddenly everything worked right. I must
credit http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Xorg_and_Fonts , which helped me
enormously. In fact, the Gentoo wiki helps me a lot in general. :D

Thanks everyone for helping me in the process! ^_^