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I am looking for someone in Sydney who can install Ubuntu and VMware 
Workstation on a new HP Notebook (NC 8430). The notebook will already have 
Windows XP installed.

NB. According to the Linux Laptop Wiki this notebook is compatible with Ubuntu 
Basically, I want to end up with the capabilty to:
a. dual boot the notebook (Ubuntu or Windows XP); and
b. Run various Windows XP images under VMWare Workstation hosted on Ubuntu (to 
ease the burden associated with working with various client Windows 
My biggest issue is the lack of time to do this myself. 
So if you know of a business that performs this type of work please email me 
using BillDonoghoe [at] yahoo [dot]com [dot]au.  It would be useful to get an 
indication of the cost and turnaround time.

Bill D