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Re: [SLUG] Open source document/content management system

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 20:31 +1000, John wrote:

> The governing directive is that these snipits be easily edited/updated and
> be able to reform as the original documents and be capable of forming new
> manuals.

There are a number of content management systems that can do this but
the simplest method is probably via the already suggested Alfresco.
Alfresco is a document management system. There's a number of handy
features such as revision control, document checkout's, access control
lists, etc. 

There is also the ability to have uploaded documents (which can be of
any document format) or inline-edited HTML documents - using a WYSIWYG

The ability to form manuals later would in this case be reliant upon the
original file formats you were using.

That's Alfresco at it's simplest, at least.

If you are after a content management system that can be edited online
and form manuals on the fly, the "collaborative books" feature of
Drupal, a php based CMS, is really well suited to online, collaborative
document authoring.

You can also upload binary files with revision control to Drupal.

The appropriate choice would depend on where your focus was. Alfresco is
better suited to managing documents of many file types, that are worked
on in their programme of origin, whereas Drupal and it's "collaborative
books" is better suited content intended to be viewed via a web browser.

There are a number of other choices out there too.

Hope that helps.

Craige McWhirter
Managing Director
McWhirter [consulting]
http://mcwhirter.com.au/ - 0415958783

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