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Re: [SLUG] Query re Firefox

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 04:54:37PM +1100, Leslie Katz wrote:
> I'm using Fedora, rather than Ubuntu.
> Following Applications>Preferences>More Preferences, I get to Preferred 
> Applications. When I click on it, I get a window with a number of tabs, 
> one of which is called Web Browser.
> On that tab, I'm able to select my default web browser. I've got the 
> Custom Web Browser button highlighted and a box into which I'm to put a 
> command. The command which appears is the full path to the Firefox 
> executable. I've tested that command from the command line and it does 
> open Firefox. Unlike what I understand to be your situation, however, 
> there is no option available on that tab relating to how links are to be 
> opened.
> It's occurred to me since posting my original query that maybe there's 
> something that's changed without my knowing it in the Firefox 
> configuration editor and that that's what's caused me to lose the 
> automatic opening of links.

Didn't you say you're using firefox That's not standard
on any released fedora that I know of.  If you installed it
yourself from source, or from an alternative rpm repo, then
I suspect that could be the origin of your problem.