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[SLUG] Networking Problem

A couple of days ago I swapped my 10/100mbs eth card for a gigabit card.

Just noticed that I was having poor connection with amule - traced it to fact that network settings were set to dhcp wheras before card change were set to static ip. System apparently automatically setup new card with no action on my part.

In System Settings/Network Settings ( Kubuntu 6.06). I changed dhcp to static ip and entered correct ip ( to match modem/router port forwarding previousl working).

Have now noticed that new card is seen as eth1, even though it is in same slot as old card which was eth0. There is only 1 card, no wireless.

/etc /network/interfaces has entries ( identical) for both eth0 and eth1.

As a result of all of the above, Superkaramba network monitor themes do not see ip or throughput, though system is working fine.

How should I fix this? Just edit /etc/network/interfaces and remove entry for eth1?