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[SLUG] SLUG February Monthy Meeting

Hi all!

== February SLUG Monthly Meeting ==

    18.30, Friday, 23rd February, 2007
    Level 13, IBM Building, 601 Pacific Highway, St. Leonards

SLUG's monthly meeting, featuring talks and SLUGlets. Meetings are open
to the general public, and free of charge.

This month's meeting will be at the IBM building, Level 13, 601 Pacific 
Highway, St. Leonards, starting at 18.30.

We ask that people arrive 20 minutes early so we can all get into the 
building and start on time.

A committee member will also be standing outside the building to meet,
greet, and provide directions to the venue.

= Talks =

General Talk: Distrubution Discussion Panel

Advocates and enthusiast are invited to represent their favourite Linux
distribution in this discussion panel. 

Questions will be fielded from the audience and moderated, covering a 
range of topics about how the distribution fits together, who develops 
and uses it, and how people can get involved in the community. 

Technical Talk: James Dumay + Lindsay Holmwood - Anna: WRT management, 
Jabber Style

You've been tasked with deploying a large wireless network in a hostile
environment with an ever changing and variable network topology. What 
tools do you use?

Anna is a management framework for such environments, harnessing Jabber 
to create botnets of centrally managed, highly flexible wireless access 

James and Lindsay will be giving a rundown of the origins of the
the foundations it's built on, and how to deploy it.

SLUGlets topic Talk: Distribution Discussion Panel Continuance

SLUGlets will be a continuation of the discussion panel. Audience 
members are invited to talk with the panelists on more specific topics
related to their distributions.

== Schedule ==

  * 6:30pm: Open Doors
  * 6.45pm: The Usual Suspects
  * 7:00pm: General Talk: Distribution Discussion Panel
  * 8:20pm: Technical Talk: James Dumay + Lindsay Holmwood - Anna
  * 8:20pm: SLUGlets Topic: Discussion Panel Continuance
  * 9:20pm: Dinner: TBA 

Hope to see you there!


http://slug.org.au/ (the Sydney Linux Users Group)
http://holmwood.id.au/~lindsay/ (me)