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Re: Hosting stuff on ADSL [Was: [SLUG] Should I host my own domain?]

On 17/02/07, James Purser <purserj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That said if what you're hosting is a) Not mission critical and b) low
bandwidth, there is nothing to stop you doing it so long as you have a
static IP (dynamic just gets to be a major pain). Its a nice way to play
with different technologies without having to fork out for a VM or
dedicated server.

I have a private (for family and firends) photo-sharing site on my home
machine and am bloody careful to put it on a non-standard port, not to
advertise the link to it anywere, and keep reminding the intended audience
not to pass on the link.
Before I moved it to a special port (i.e. away from port 80) and still
without advertising it anywere, I used to get tons of probes on it, and I
don't see the benefit of paying for bandwidth to be used by the various
viruses who keep knocking on my door.

(That's on a dynamic ip through ADSL).