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Re: [SLUG] Should I host my own domain?

DaZZa wrote:
If 100% reliability is not a worry, then there's nothing wrong with it
- if I can't get into my Linux box from work, I either wait until I
get home and restart the link, or if it's really urgent I call the
missus and get her to web browse something - anything - to kickstart
the link again.

Commercial grade DSL is another story. I run a remote site across a
commercial grade sDSL service with almost 100% uptime - I think the
link has gone down twice in the last 12 months, and one of those times
was my fault.

To be honest, your experiences at home sound far more like you've got a dodgy modem. The only discerning differences between "Residential grade" and "Commercial grade" ADSL connections is perhaps the contention ratios for data, generally better phone support from the ISP, and potentially a bridged service instead of needing a PPPo{E/A} tunnel. The infrastructure between you and the ISP is almost always identical; and you typically find almost all ADSL reliability issues are line or equipment based.

I wouldn't suggest hosting anything mission critical[1] on any ADSL connection, full stop. :-)


[1] For a home domain etc, it's absolutely fine. I'd strongly suggest hosting your DNS externally, though, and having an external secondary MX (my preferred solution, but there's spam-related arguments against this).