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Re: Hosting stuff on ADSL [Was: [SLUG] Should I host my own domain?]

On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 18:56 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> 3) Bandwidth. I have ~2mbit upstream with ADSL2+ and Annex M, and I wouldn't
> host anything approaching 'real' on that. Most people have 128-512kbit. At
> some point, you're going to want to peg your bandwidth, or a web client is
> going to (Google spider! download video!) and one or both of you will not be
> happy.

I'll back this one up. If you are going to host anything off your adsl
ensure that your connection can handle it.

I learnt the hard way when I started doing the podcasts. Hosting 30MB
audio files off a 512/128 connection is just nasty, especially if you
get linked too off one of the major planets like planet gnome.

That said if what you're hosting is a) Not mission critical and b) low
bandwidth, there is nothing to stop you doing it so long as you have a
static IP (dynamic just gets to be a major pain). Its a nice way to play
with different technologies without having to fork out for a VM or
dedicated server.
James Purser
Open Source On The Air

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