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Re: [SLUG] Should I host my own domain?

On 17/02/2007, at 1:27 AM, Alexander Stanley wrote:

G'day guys,

I'm actually doing a similar thing but I' m actually on a Dynamic IP
(iiNet).  What you'll find is that there are nasty hacky ways to deal
with that (like DynDNS)... but if your IP cycles fast it goes out to the
corner and sulks for a while, blocking you out and making you have to
send a nice "I'm sorry for spamming your servers with IP updates without
thinking about it," while quietly planning an eloquent revenge against
whichever demonic entity at the ISP is actually responsible (and is no
doubt cackling like the back row of an art class huffing the drugs in
copious amounts).

Sheesh, get a static IP :-)))