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Re: [SLUG] Should I host my own domain?

G'day guys,

I'm actually doing a similar thing but I' m actually on a Dynamic IP
(iiNet).  What you'll find is that there are nasty hacky ways to deal
with that (like DynDNS)... but if your IP cycles fast it goes out to the
corner and sulks for a while, blocking you out and making you have to
send a nice "I'm sorry for spamming your servers with IP updates without
thinking about it," while quietly planning an eloquent revenge against
whichever demonic entity at the ISP is actually responsible (and is no
doubt cackling like the back row of an art class huffing the drugs in
copious amounts).

The long and short, if you choose iiNet (or ADSL/Cable providers who
switch on reconnect), there are friendly people like EveryDNS who'll
accept your DNS updates on the hour and *not* kill you.  I'm presently
sharing the love with EveryDNS and they're fine with it.  That, or you
could just get a decent router/modem that supports the update process
for you when your IP changes (which, if you are considering the iiNet
Belkins - they don't even do EveryDNS properly, so don't even try to
hack it up for EveryDNS).

In terms of "noise," nothing beats the 486-reminiscing of hearing a SCSI
RAID whir in the corner (because I'm a poor-student-type its a U160
bought off Grays Online setup of 2x 9.1gb disks in RAID0) on a dual P3
(see previous set of brackets).  Also, there are cupboards and quieter
servers (and if you're feeling really nerdy you get a couple of CF cards
to host all the config/daemons and some old/cheap hdds for logs running
in RAID).

It's no drama, but if you get stuck there are plenty of guides about
(and this list ;)).

Hoo Roo,
Alex Stanley.

david wrote:
> I've been hosting my own domain(s) so long I had forgotten there was
> another way to do it. If you have a fixed IP and reasonably reliable
> connection it's pretty easy: BIND, Postfix, Apache, plus anything else
> you might want. For domestic grade service, you can run all that on the
> same box you use as a desktop. I use bur.st for secondary nameserving,
> but there are others.
> The main downside is that server buzzing away in the corner all day and
> night.
> I'm not really convinced it's economically effective, but for control
> freaks like me it works.
> On Fri, 2007-02-16 at 22:27 +1100, Rick Welykochy wrote:
>> I have to switch ISPs soon. Currently my ISP handles my domain name hosting
>> and rego.
>> I can easily take care of the domain rego mysel and save $$.
>> I'm wondering about hosting my domain name on a linux box. I only use
>> the domain for email at the current time, so I doubt the DNS service
>> hosted locally would incur that much traffic.
>> There has been mention of free domain hosting services. Perhaps even dyndns
>> could be used.
>> What's the opinion of Sluggers: host or not to host?
>> cheers
>> rickw
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