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Re: [SLUG] Memory profiler for web applications and other processes.

On 13/02/07, Mike Lake <mikel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Googling for 'memory profiler web applications' and things brings up
things that you use to find memory leaks in apps which I dont want.
Naturally top just gives me instantaneous values which don't mean much
when a web app is only getting a few hits a minute or even less.
Thats why I want to get an average over a few hours or so.

Also I don't have Gnome or any gui thing on this server so it has to be
command line or a perl or bash or other program that can be run from
command line. Output to file would be perfect.

Does anyone have suggestions? What do people here use for getting stats
on programs like this?

I'm not sure there is anything special about web applications - after all to
the system they should look as just another process, although it usually
generates lots of network traffic.

"exmap" seems to be something about this, I haven't used it but from its
Debian package dependencies it looks like it depends on GTK2 so it must be
some sort of a GUI-based application. But maybe you can run it remotely with
its window opened on your local $DISPLAY.