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Re: [SLUG] Checking my understanding of using DynDNS.org services.

Hi all

On Mon 12 Feb 2007, Alex Samad wrote:
> I have had bigpond for about 4 years, I use their smtp server as an outbound,
> to stop my mail being blocked because it came from a dial up (I'm on cable). I
> haven't had a problem.  I have my own domain setup.  Haven't had a problem with
> tpg or exetel either.
> I think most isp allow relaying through there smtp (outbound from your laptop
> to the internet) from all of their ip addresses

I had been told that Bigpond would block smtp and searching on Google
for smtp and Bigpond shows many frustrated users who have been blocked
but I had better have a try and see what gives. 

I have reconfigured exim4 and guessed a few things as I don't know much
about mail but Bigpond's website gives its mail site name as
mail.bigpond.com so I set exim to use it and I think it has worked. This
email is sent from mutt while at home using Bigpond.

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Mike Lake
Caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.