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Re: [SLUG] Checking my understanding of using DynDNS.org services.

Phil Scarratt wrote:
Michael Lake wrote:

I have a gmail account but I rarely use it. I get all my mail in via fetchmail and read it with mutt and then I want to reply to something from mutt by just hitting reply. Copying from mutt into any other email system is a pain and I shouldn't be doing silly things like that. I need to do some work and get it setup correctly.

I meant I have used gmail's SMTP server to send from an email client on a laptop before, the laptop connecting to the internet with different internet connections depending on the country at the time. The from address was not gmail's - I can't specifically remember now but I think gmail may have added an extra header to indicate that it was sent via gmail. No copying and pasting or anything. Download the mail from your domain's mailbox, read it with whatever you want, reply and send it via gmail's servers (from memory it was an authenticated, encrypted connection to a non-standard SMTP port).

I didn't understand your suggestion at first as I didnt know one could use gmail for this. I googled and have found this very easily.

"Set your POP client to route outbound mail to smtp.google.com with port 465 and SSL enabled and use your Gmail login credentials. "

and also here: http://lifehacker.com/software/email-apps/how-to-use-gmail-as-your-smtp-server-111166.php

I'll try this at home tonight or when I get a chance.
This goes to show that making a post here can be so rewarding. Thanks Phil.


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