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Hi all

Upgrading the wifes PC from an old Debian to etch using dist-upgrade has really
busted it. xserver-xorg won't install as it depends on x11-common but that won't
install as I get a dpkg "error processing xmem (--remove)" during the post
removal script. I have tried also just 'apt-get -f install' and I get the same
I have tried to remove xmem using dpkg --force-all and various other options to
dpkg but it still wont work. 

At this stage I think I need to totally remove X11 stuff and  reinstall it. 
Any help appreciated to recover from this.

(Note box has no X and no media that I can used to copy error messages from that
box to my laptop here so all errors have to be typed in! I also can't therefore
copy and past errors into google.)
Mike Lake