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Re: [SLUG] Where/how to buy a Linux desktop?

On 2/1/07, Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 31 Jan 2007, Jeff Waugh <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> <quote who="Martin Pool">
> > I'm thinking about buying a (mostly) Linux desktop machine.  It doesn't
> > have to be really remarkable except that I would like dual DVI outputs.  I
> > don't mind installing it myself or doing some research on exactly what is
> > supported or good value but simpler is better.
> >
> > So what would you do?  Some local reseller, Dell, something else?
> The small form-factor Dell and Lenovo (ex-IBM) desktop machines are pretty
> good, though there are few with two DVI ports (do you want dual DVI ports,
> or dual-link DVI?). Some form-factors can be extended with low-profile PCI
> or AGP cards.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I do in fact want two DVI ports, as
largish lcd monitors are now so affordable.

In my case, using a motherboard with supplort for PCIe SLI (two PCIe
graphics cards) and putting two graphics cards on it, was cheaper than
using a single card with two DVI outputs.

I always build my own PCs, as I don't trust anyone to spec a good
motherboard (the most important component IMO) - Dell won't even tell
you what they're using.

I go for Coolermaster or Antek cases, Gigabyte motherboards and
graphics cards (I only use cheap nVidida based boards as performance
is less important than features), Seagate HDDs, Kingmax RAM and either
Lite-on, Panasonic or BenQ for DVD-writers (the best writer is always
changing). Logitech for speakers and mice.