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Re: [SLUG] Simple and reliable home folder encryption for Ubuntu 6.10

On 11/30/06, Stephen Black <stephenblack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Why not just encrypt the the documents you need

I have a large number of files that need to be encrypted, of varying
types, including locally stored email. The files I need to encrypt
also need to be modified regularly.

Some products will even append the encrypted data to the end of an image file
so that when you open the file it looks like a picture. and the only clue that there is
anything more than meets the eye is that the image file is bigger than it actually needs to be

For this sort of thing I would probably use a TrueCrypt hidden volume.

I believe that is the encryption that I would prefer and If I could find a program to do this in Linux
I would be very happy and dance around going "Yay !"

Here's a few: