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[SLUG] Transferring servers (binaries, libraries configs etc) from old hd to new raid1

Hi List,

I was running an ata hd on the dmz which I've removed (before it finally
dies) and replaced with 2 brand new drives which I've set up as a raid1

The old hd is 2.4.18 Debian Etch. The new raid1 is 2.6.17-10 Debian Etch.
(Both are identical from the viewpoint of apt-get update, upgrade,

The partitioning on the old hd:
hda1 /boot
hda2 /
hda4 /var
hda5 /tmp
hda6 /home
hda7 swap
hda8 /usr

The partitioning of the 2 new drives (in situ):
hda1 /boot
hda2 raid
hda4 swap

hdb1 /boot2 (A spare boot partition. I read somewhere that it was a good
hdb2 raid
hdb4 swap

md0 /

I've read numerous howtos (incl. Jamie's) and tried a number of times by
setting the old drive up as hdc but all have failed and I'm getting nervous
about how long the old drive will last.

Q. How do I transfer all the servers from the old drive to the new raid1