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Re: [SLUG] timezone

And if anyone uses OSX then the following steps will update your
timezone files, as waiting for the patches from Apple might take
sometime. Not to mention happen after the DST comes into effect.

If you want to merge the changes of tzdata yourself follow below;


Download the above file, extract to a temp directory.
Open CLI window
cd to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia
make a backup incase you screw up or want to revert this directory back later.
sudo tar zcvf /Users/[username]/Desktop/zoneinfo­-australia-backup.tar.gz .
cd to the dir where you extracted the tzdata too.
sudo zic australasia

When complete if you do a ls -l of /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia you
will notice a few have updated to be current date/time. This indicates
those files have been updated with the changes that were part of the
australasia file in the tzdata (aka Perth includes 3 more rules to
indicate they now have 3 years of daylight savings).

On 11/28/06, Glen Turner <glen.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

now has
which includes rules for the WA daylight savings time change.

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