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Re: [SLUG] scripting proxy change in Firefox/changing laptop network settings?

<quote who="Michael Lake">

> Network-Manager is annoying. Only last night did I work out what was
> causing my intermittent network problems at home.

What you've described in your email is that you're running Network Manager
without actually using it. You're trying to do things in /e/n/i manually,
while also having NM installed with does (really good) automagic config of
your network devices -- though at the moment, it is really solely focused on
improving laptop use cases.

I'd be happy to demonstrate to you on Friday why NM is such a delight, and
why I no longer have to edit /e/n/i or reconfigure network devices on my

> I think it got installed with all the Gnome crap.

This is getting a bit old now, Mike. If you don't like it, that's fine, but
allow credit where it is due. GNOME is paving the way for non-geeks to have
all the benefits we derive from Software Freedom. It may not be your cup of
tea, but that doesn't make it 'crap'.

- Jeff

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