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[SLUG] USB to Serial Converter that supports break

Hi Sluggers,

After upgrading my laptop, I now don't have a serial port.  I need this to
talk to the odd Sun machine when it breaks, and therefore I need the
converter to support the "break" command.

I purchased a U232-P9(2.40) from GPSOZ, which uses the mct_u232 driver, but
as I found out this does not support break.

I have done some googling, but I can only find one example of a converter
that supports break. The Belkin F5U103, but it is very bulky.

There seems to be some kernel patch required to get a USC1000 converter to
send a break correctly, but I would prefer to not go patching kernels if I
can avoid it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good converter that supports break, is
readily available, light, and easy to carry.