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Re: [SLUG] timezone

jam@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> You folk had to fiddle with the Zone files recently for the commonwealth 
> games.
> Can anybody point me at a howto.
> We'll get daylight saving from 3 December to 31 March, and 1 Nov to 31 March 
> for the next 2 years.

This appears to depend on your operating system and distribution.  Since you're
posting to SLUG I'll assume you're using Linux.

The timezone package for Fedora and Redhat is called tzdata.  For Debian it's in

You should be able to test your timezone data with:

	zdump -v Australia/Perth | grep 2006

(but you probably won't get anything).  zdump may be in either /usr/sbin/ or

zdump prints out the time just before and just after the daylight-saving

You can get advice on updating the timezone stuff at:

Information about tz at:

and general information at:

Make sure you stop and restart cron when making your updates manually.  Other
persistent systems (such as database servers) may also need restarting.

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