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Re: [SLUG] Firefox 2 - how to disable Session Manager?

On Wed 22 Nov, 2006 at 09:32:21 +1100, Sonia Hamilton wrote:
> Anyone know how to disable the new Session Manager in Firefox 2? (The
> feature that says 'your last session crashed' when you open Firefox, if
> you didn't shutdown Firefox previously eg with a sudo halt).

Just tried this, and it seemed to work (no msg after a killall -9
firefox-bin anyway! :-)

 1) Go to about:config
 2) Right click the list of items, go New -> Boolean
 3) preference name should be: browser.sessionstore.enabled
 4) value False
 5) try and see!

I think the only downside is this disables it completely, whether on a clean
shut down or not.

 - Scott

PS. More information at: