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Re: [SLUG] Making samba DWIM

On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 17:49 +1100, Adam Kennedy wrote:
> Hi gang
> I've been having some trouble with Samba I can't seem to work out 
> myself, and I was hoping someone can help.
> The setup I have for web work is a Windows 2000 desktop (for 
> Dreamweaver, Ultraedit, Firefox+IE+Opera, and so on) and a debian 
> dev/test server with Apache and Perl (just simple CGI in this case, but 
> it varies).
> To work on the files I mount a Samba share as a Windows drive, and just 
> edit everything directly on the Linux box (the apps are all set to use 
> Unix newlines etc). I can save/reload to see changes, and I generally 
> have half a dozens shell open on the box, and various other 
> infrastructure so that the who boxes work more like one hybrid machine 
> than two separate ones (in a previous incarnation they were even 
> duck-taped together).
> This workflow has worked really well for me for a number of years, but I 
> always have trouble fiddling the samba setup to the right place.
> For some reason, saving from the Windows box seems to reset the 
> permissions of the files. And in this particular case, that also means 
> 644 (and thus not world-readable so nobody can do the CGI).
> Now, I assume that Windows is doing something funky and delete/write'ing 
> the file instead of overwriting the file.
> Could someone with more samba-fu than I explain if there's a way to make 
> these file writes behave themselves and maintain whatever permissions 
> they currently have?

Have you tried the
force create mode =
force directory mode =
man smb.conf