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Re: [SLUG] Linux UI decision

On Sunday 12 November 2006 07:12, slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am on hiatus at the moment, and require a couple of extra projects  
> in my portfolio of software, and although my chief languages are C and  
> Java I am interested in perl, and a UI library for X coding.  I have 2  
> questions:
> 1. Can anyone comment on the developers of Englightenment as to its  
> not being a competitor of KDE/Gnome but rather a new methodology -  
> what its creators are calling a "desktop shell"?
> 2. I have begun development using Qt, as my X/Motif/Tk book is about a  
> decade old - there are so many IDE's, does anyone think this  
> environment has a future in the workplace?

I bought a couple of Qt books: Perens QT3, O'Reilly Programming Qt3
The assistant tutorials were better than the books, (some of) the book egs are 
the assistant egs.

In a land that loves gnome and GTK et al the KDE and Qt is likely to be 
downplayed, none the less I was very impressed with Qt, designer, assistant.

I've never done any winders programming, but needed to do a GUI winders 
project. I spent 90% of my time doing it on my linux box, 10% porting it to 
winders. Now I can build either, mod either, support either (heh heh vmware)

So 10 days for a C programmer to write a C++ app and port to winders. Not Bad!
(Qt is simplistic C++, but the paradigsm works). Much easier than motif!