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Re: [SLUG] Trying to get FuzzyOcr going...

On 11/10/06, Howard Lowndes <lannet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
...I am getting the following log messages:
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Debug mode: Starting FuzzyOcr...
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Debug mode: Attempting to load personal wordlist...
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Debug mode: No personal wordlist found, skipping...
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Debug mode: Analyzing file with content-type
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Debug mode: Image is single non-interlaced...
[2006-11-10 16:05:29] Unexpected error in pipe to external programs.
                       Please check that all helper programs are
installed and in the correct path.
                       (Pipe Command "/usr/bin/giftopnm -", Pipe exit
code 1 (""), Temporary file: "/tmp/.spamassassin15619xdABuytmp")

which are all well and good, except that giftopnm is where it should be:
# whereis giftopnm
giftopnm: /usr/bin/giftopnm /usr/share/man/man1/giftopnm.1.gz

It doesn't look like the command its calling is the problem, it looks
as though the switch being used or the way its calling it is the

Pipe Command "/usr/bin/giftopnm -"

Notice the - symbol, look around to see if you can remove the
offending switch being "-"