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Re: [SLUG] Re: Backing up to dvd

Thanks very much for the suggestions, Andreas. I'll have a look at Kdar.


Andreas Fischer wrote:
I do all my backups using dar, which is a simple, but powerfull command line program, which supports compression, encryption, file splitting, etc. It doesn't suport dvd burning, but I used growisofs to burn the file(s) dumped with dar (although the burn always exited part-way through...).

If you like GUI apps, you could always use Kdar as a front end to dar, and burn the pieces with K3B, or something.

- Andreas

On 11/6/06, *Leslie Katz * <lesliek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:lesliek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Matthew Hannigan wrote:
    > On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 02:36:46PM +1100, Leslie Katz wrote:
    >>>> I made five .isos, each the size of one cd. I tried
    >>>> to create a single .iso out of the five by using cat, as I'd
    >>> I dunno how that'd work, but I guess it's possible!
    >> Where I read the suggestion (unless, of course, I
    misinterpreted it!)
    >> was at:
    >> http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/download_instruction.xml
    > Ah, you misinterpreted it; those files are a single image
    > split up for convenience into file.a, file.b ... file....
    > Matt
    Well that's why I need to ask questions here so often!
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