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Re: [SLUG] Setup of acpi to get Suspend/Hibernate Working

Michael Lake wrote:
I'm having trouble getting my laptop to resume after suspend. It's a Dell
Latitude 620 with Intel 945 chipset.
It does enter
suspend, the display fades, hard disk spins down. Pushing the power button
momentarily to resume I can see the hard disk light come on but display remains dark.

I have found by more googling thats it's the backlight that is not coming back on.
"# vbetool dpms on" will turn on the backlight. Now I need to work out where to put it in the many acpi events and scripts.

Linux and Gnome still has a long way to go when suspend doesn't work 'out-of-the-box'.

Michael Lake
Computational Research Support Unit
Science Faculty, UTS
Ph: 9514 2238