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Re: [SLUG] Some Thoughts Regarding Spam

This one time, at band camp, Robert Thorsby wrote:
> I'm sure everybody has noticed the massive upsurge in spam over the 
> last two-three weeks. This increase in volume seems to have begun at 
> about the end of the NSW school holidays, but I think that their ending 
> may be more-or-less coincidental.

I'm not sure the spam has increased, just it's currently able to get 
through the filters more.  It's an arms race and, at this point in time, 
the spammers are winning.

> Could it be that there is so much "phone home" activity on the average 
> Window$ machine at boot time that USERs (who don't have a clue anyway) 
> and MSCE types don't realise that something's amiss?

Windows users are used to the performance of their machines degrading 
over time, without crapware, that they don't notice the difference.

> Of course, there are conspiracy theorists who claim that reducing the 
> level of spam is not in the interests of those ISPs and phone providers 
> that charge for traffic in both directions [no names, no pack drill]. 
> But that surely can't be right :-)

Australia is an anomoly.  Most ISPs in the world don't do bandwidth 
charging.  I had an unlimited 3MB connection and Video on Demand service 
in London for the cost of a 1.5MB bandwidth-limited ADSL connection 

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