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Re: [SLUG] Another anti-spam idea

On 11/3/06, jam@xxxxxxxxx <jam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A customer has told me he has heard of this anti-spam technique.
Will I implement it for them?
Any body got any pointers for me please.
Heck it would be a nice slug solution too:

* You send me an email

* If your address is in my white-database no further ado

* If it is not in my DB I reject the mail, send you a reply explaining, with
an attached obscure image of a number.

* You send me another mail with that number as the subject and your address is

You may add significant addresses to the DB by hand, so that 'them' are never
inconvenienced in any way.

Unless you're very clever at detecting mailing lists, your customer is
going to be kicked off every mailing list they try to join. And some
mailing lists go out of their way to be hard to detect.

And the customer is obviously not in business - or is happy to upset
everybody who tries to send them email - like every potential new

It might be okay to do this for a private address - sorta like an
unlisted phone - but not for anything else.