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Re: [SLUG] Ubuntu "varrun" and /var on separate partition problem

It works! Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

(I chmodded them 1777 anyway, just in case)


Jeff Waugh said:
> <quote who="Ian Su">
> > And only *afterwards* does it mount /dev/mapper/vg0-var on to /var, and
> > the effect is some stuff is missing in /var/run, like
> You need to create directories for /var/run and /var/lock in the filesystem
> underneath /var (ie. your / filesystem). You could manually unmount /var and
> create them, or you could do this:
>   mount --bind / /mnt && mkdir /mnt/var/run /mnt/var/lock && umount /mnt
> (That will mount / again under /mnt and let you create those directories in
> the bound mount instead of having to go through all the unmounting of /var
> mess.)
> - Jeff