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[SLUG] Re: Superkaramba

Hi John,

Open a terminal and type in:

superkaramba &

and see what happens

You could also try:

superkaramba %U

if the first suggestion doesn't work.

I use KDE so if you want to put it into your menu, I can help with that. If you use Gnome, someone else will be able to explain it more adeptly that I can.

Let us know how you go. PM me if need more direct/immediate help.



[SLUG] SuperKaramba
John Gibbons <johngibbons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sat, 26 Aug 2006 10:55:44 +1000

I have SuperKaramba installed in Dapper but cannot find a way to run it. It does not show up in the GUI application lists but the package manager tells me it is there. How does one get it out into the open?


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