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Re: [SLUG] Best Linux soft-phone?

On Thu, 2006-08-24 at 07:48 +1000, Alan L Tyree wrote:
> Ekiga is the king of them all. It allows registration with multiple
> servers and I have found it very reliable. I use it with an iMic usb
> sound card. Ekiga is also particularly good at maintaining STUN
> connections with no drama.

I have used it recently and call quality was adequate.  Maybe I needed
to spend more time tweaking.

> Should mention Xten: it's not free (as in speech) software, but it also
> allows multiple registrations and seems to work well. Ugly interface on
> Linux though.

I use this regularly now as the call quality is significantly *better*
than a std Telstra phone line as it has the G711U codec.  More
bandwidth, I think maybe up to 80Kb (bits, I can never remember if it's
a big or little b!).

A very good STUN server is Counterpath's (the company behind xten)

You will need to play around with SIP port forwarding for best results.


Simon Wong <linux@xxxxxxxxx>