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[SLUG] Request For Venue: SLUG monthly meeting

G'day all,
The SLUG committee were informed this afternoon that UTS will be
charging us for the use of their rooms as of next meeting. They want
$607 per meeting, that's with a non-profit discount.

SLUG cannot afford this, at least beyond the upcoming meeting. The
committee is going to try to arrange a sponsorship deal with the UTS
Faculty of IT or UTS themselves, but we don't think this can be done
in time for next week's meeting.

I've also been in contact with IBM, however they don't think they'll
be able to organise a venue in time for next week.

So we're hoping that someone in the community can help us out. If you
know a venue, or work for a company than can organise a venue fitting
40-100+ people, is close to public transport (trains especially), is
inexpensive (preferably free), and available for next Friday's
meeting, we'd love to hear from you.

At Pia's community panel a few months back there was talk of a
possible venue change to the University of Sydney. This would be
ideal, although it is late in the peice to set in motion.

We don't want this to be the end of our 12 year relationship with UTS,
but unfortunately if we can't work out a deal, it looks like it will