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Re: [SLUG] 80GB IDE BIOS setup translation issue ?

On Mon, July 24, 2006 12:08 pm, Dion wrote:

> UDMA66 is only good for 66 MB/s transfer rates.

> If your hard disk is brand new, it most likely supports ATA133 (133MB/s)
> so it's capable of higher transfer rates than your motherboard supports.


brand new, but, according to the specs, the HD is UDMA 5, '100Mb/s'
(must've picked up a cheap brand..)

is there anything to be done to enable 'max transfer speed', apart from
setting UDMA in BIOS ? and, use 80wire ribbon

> If you only have this one drive then I doubt the ATA transfer rate is
> likely to bite. If you were building some kind of raid array with a number
> of drives then it might make a difference.
> Mostly if anything, I'm thinking only the size of your hard drive might
> cause problems if your bios didn't support one that large.
> One option you may try, is to go into your bios on that machine and
> making sure you select an ide device not currently in use, try choosing to
> manually set the number of cylinders / heads and so forth as listed on

I guess I'll go and test the HD on the system, before I go too far.

anyhow, now I'm thinking perhaps I should get a spare system, rather than,
spare HD.

thanks for your help