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[SLUG] SLUGlets this month - Web Browsers

Generic Universal Greeting, SLUGgers.

We'll be continuing last month's SLUGlets format this month, this time
themed on web browsers. With the recent release of Opera 9 and the
betas of Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7, there should be plenty
of info for us to sink our teeth into :)

In case you missed out last time, we're trying out a new format for
SLUGlets. It will be run as a structured talk and Q&A session, focused
(mostly) on desktop tasks such as office/producitivity, graphic
editing, creating multimedia etc.

At this month's meeting (28th July) we're looking for people to talk
for 5 or so minutes about web browsers. If you're particularly
passionate about your dear Konqueror, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox, this
is your chance to spout it about to SLUG.

If you're interested in volunteering, could you please send a brief
spiel on what you'd like to talk about to the activities list and
we'll add you in.


- Jeremy Apthorp. You know, that weirdo with the hair.