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Re: [SLUG] Scalix email server

Kenneth Armstrong, White Property Group P/L wrote:
Thanks for the helpful comparison. Have you seen or used a product called Insightserver .. its by Bynari? That’s what we use currently

No I have not used it, but a quick look at the website indicates to me that there is no contest, both zimbra and scalix win by a country mile. The other thing that I notice is that they brag about using open source software to base their product on, yet their product does not seem to be speech OR beer! Again, Zimbra is open, the webmail and calendering fantastic, and you have nothing to lose, as it is free beer (and speech). If you want support and/or non-free software plugins, that also is available at a price.

Yeah, definitely give Zimbra a try, I have used fedora core 4 and Centos 4.3 with Zimbra, only because the Debian installer is still labeled Beta, and even though it may be fine, I dont want to take any chances with someone elses business.