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Re: [SLUG] Dynamic routing - RIP or BGP or what?

Howard Lowndes wrote:
I want to do some dynamic routing in a network and I don't know whether I should be using RIP or BGP.

}                      quagga
   } |------------|
I'net }------------|eth1    eth0|-------------|---------------->>>
   }               |------------|default gw   |
}                                             |
                                    |       eth1         |
                                    |      quagga        |
                                    |       eth0         |

When I bring the network up I want to be able to broadcast that network so that the network and anything coming in via knows that it is accessible via the interface, but when I don't have the network up I don't want to broadcast it, or let the or the public world know anything about it.

Dynamic routing is the most appropriate and efficient solution. You simply advertise your network address to receive traffic. If you don't wish to receive traffic you remove the advertisement. Because of this it is easier and cleaner to configure and maintain your routes. Dynamic routing is PULL routing whilst static routing is PUSH routing and therefore in dynamic routing the receiver has better control for
in-coming traffic.

I have installed quagga where shown but I don't know whether I should be using RIP or BGP and I don't know wheta the config files should look like.

You can do RIP, OSPF, or BGP, although BGP is especially intended for multi-homing (more that one uplink/downlink). When you do BGP you can invent your AS Number but don't advertise your Network outside your local network. These protocols are all intended to simplify configuration and maintenance of your routes. For small networks like less than 5 networks, RIP works well. For complex networks use OSPF or BGP. Definitely BGP if you have multi-home nodes. For example, your Albury node sends/receives traffic to/from Canberra, to/from Wagga, to/from Gundagai, to/from Mebourne, etc, this is BGP routing. In other words if you use STAR-nodes network definitely BGP.

Hope this helps.

O Plameras