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Re: [SLUG] Re: Linux Workshop THIS Sunday

Just a thought, but we use the term "jump start" for a delivering a similar workshop service to get customers going on a particular technology solution. Googling seems to indicate that it isn't exclusive to any one particular product. The 2nd definition from http://www.answers.com/jump-start&r=67 seems to fit the requirement:-

jump-start ( jŭmp'stärt')
tr.v., -start·ed, -start·ing, -starts.
  1. To start (the engine of a motor vehicle) by using a booster cable connected to the battery of another vehicle or by engaging the drive train while the vehicle is rolling downhill or being pushed.
  2. Informal. To start or reinvigorate (an activity, system, or process): "struggled to jump-start his once front-running . . . presidential campaign" (Susan Feeney).
  1. The act, process, or an instance of starting a motor vehicle by using a booster cable or suddenly releasing the clutch while the vehicle is being pushed.
  2. Informal. The act or an instance of starting or setting in motion a stalled or sluggish system or process.
Regards, Martin

On 7/5/06, Lindsay Holmwood <auxesis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I coined the term in the hope someone would find a better one.  :-)

Any suggestions for a replacement are welcomed.


On 7/5/06, Dean Hamstead <dean@xxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
> im sure 'decking' is when you force their body to the
> deck (ie of a ship). usually in reference to a physical
> altercation
> im feeling eloquent today.
> although im concerned that 'deckfest' sounds like
> some sort of luxury boating get together.

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Regards, Martin

Martin Visser