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Re: [SLUG] Re: SLUG on gmane.org

Malcolm V wrote:

> Letting the negative elements of any society dictate ones actions is never a 
> good idea.

Yer, right, keep waffling and ignore the essential word here.

It might be kinda old fashion as the ethics of gordon gecko make a
re-run, but at no stage did I give SLUG permission to widely publicise
my email address.

As far as I was concerned, it went to a closed list of people and
appeared on the SLUG archive with email address removed. A limited
controllable exposure. I never thought I'd have to add SLUG to my 400+
aliases that I have for other list.

Now I find it has been made available for goodness how long to the
lowest level of spammers without being told.

Spam is not a major issue NOW because spammers are basically stupid and
it is  easy to filter them out, but that doesn't excuse people from SLUG
assisting them.

At the moment, the personal question is which pick axe handle to use.

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