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Re: [SLUG] `new' effort at spam fighting?

On 2006.05.31 11:01 Peter Chubb wrote:
I've finally got through... there are two bits.  For outlook users
(none of us, probably) there's a single `button' you can download
after you register (you register to get a key, by thelook of it), that
deletes the spam, and forwards it with headers.

For the rest of us, just send the spam, headers and all, to

I can't get through to ACMA's website (/. effect, presumably) so would you mind posting to this list the desired format of reports to reportingspam@... .

Does one FWD the email? Or does one just dump the WBL into the body of an ordinary email under cover of an appropriate Subject header?

Ta muchly,
Robert Thorsby