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Re: [SLUG] Faster boot times

Gonzalo Servat wrote:

On 5/27/06, Charles Myers <cmyers@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just tried to install it.. In my noobness :( now ubuntu wont boot... It
gets to a point where it says:

-runit: leave stage: /etc/runit/1
-runit: enter stage: /etc/runit/2

And there it waits.... :(

Looks like another reinstall :(

You don't have to re-install. Try editing the boot line from within
the GRUB boot manager and get rid of the "init=/sbin/rinit" bit and
see if it boots with /sbin/init. Failing that, you can boot off a
Linux CD, mount the partition and remove the rinit changes you just
made so it uses init again, or you can try and fix rinit.


Yep just saw that as I got your email!!! :) thanks for the tip...... All is well again.. I will be MORE careful next time.. hehehehe